The View From Fifi

Since I was already at the airport to photograph Fifi, I decided to take the time to tour the cockpit. There was quite a line but I felt motivated. I spent most of that time “prepping” for my moment! I knew I wanted a wide angle shot of the cockpit so I had the 18-70mm lens on the camera, set to bracket exposures and high speed shutter release. I decided to process it as a black and white as that felt “right” for this flying piece of history!

3290 View from Fifi B&W_projected-web


A Long Time to Wait

This spring I found the Commemorative Air Force was taking their B-29 Fifi on tour and would be in Arizona while I was going to spend a few weeks in the warmth! The short story is that I missed it in Tucson, Phoenix and in Mesa. Actually I drove past it in Mesa but did not have time to stop.

Then a couple of months ago I was watching the local news and heard Fifi would be in town! So, off I went one Saturday morning to see, hear and photograph the worlds only currently flight worthy B-29.