Seen Better Days

We were out for a ride the other day to check out some spring scenery. On the way back we passed a sign on the freeway that needed a closer look so we took the next exit and doubled back about a half mile or so. On the way to see the sign we passed and old, seems to be defunct motel. The access road also happens to be the old “Mother Road” known as Route 66! The motel is close to the Shaw Nature Reserve and was called “Gardenway Motel”. It must have been quite the spot back in the day! Hope you enjoy it!

20160319-_DSC7940-Edit2 Gardenway Motel projected


Fun After Dark

I was recently challenged to do some “night photography”. I had a couple of places in mind but, alas, one was not open that night so no picture to be had there. I tried a couple more shots in the area but nothing really stood out. On the way home, we happened by a local hot rod shop and took this thru the closed doors.20160227-_DSC7536-Edit-2 projected

I find all of the “stuff” in the garage to be interesting.